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What Are The Benefits Of Norton Mobile Security?

No matter where you are, which device you have been carrying, security matters the most. Protection against the digital threats, control to safeguard your online privacy, lost and stolen device recovery is some of the visuals of Norton Mobile Security that add bliss for the user.

Norton Technical Support provides the advantages in for smartphones

  • System advisor: These are the Operating System threats and security certificate which allow an attacker to access your device and the data, of course.
  • Wi-Fi Security: This paramount feature scans and identifies the network that is compromised under attack so that a user can reconnect to the secured networking.
  • A safe blocking of anti-malware: This feature prevents the application with the virus from being loaded on the device before you actually download it from the Play store.
  • Anti-phishing web protection: With the said feature, the user will be protected against the online scams etc. with the blockage of fraudulent and infectious websites.
  • Malware protection: Such tools scan and remove the entire threat stuck websites to have an easy access.
  • Protecting against the ransom-ware: Now the ransom type of attacks that have been tucked in the corner, this tool assists with the same.
  • Sim card lock: If your phone is without a sim-card and is stolen, it will facilitate none. With Norton Mobile security, your phone will be locked there and then.
  • Back-up of the contacts: The specific key helps in restoration of contact information across the entire devices available.
  • Remotely location: Is your device stolen? Norton Mobile Security helps to pinpoint the stolen Android on a map.
  • Call or text blocker: There are multiple spams over the mobile world. The software will guard you against the annoying and infuriating calls.

Do you want to know more about the features? Place your concerns at a toll-free Norton Support Number 1800-431-404 . Here, time-intensive strategies are accommodated to relieve the user from the threat attached to the PC. We are accessible all seven days for the generating customer relationships and satisfying every user thoroughly.