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Steps For Removing The Unsolicited Site Directs Via Norton Power Eraser

The problem of unwanted pop-ups or site directs is generally caused by the browser hijacker malware. This is a type of threat that is essentially designed to mess with the settings of your browser software. It may lead to redirections to several risky sites, changing the homepage or default search engine, slow speed of the device, unwanted toolbars, and extensions which you did not install or save or repeated pop up advertisements for unwanted products. We have listed the steps by which you can easily troubleshoot this issue with the help of the Power eraser tool in your antivirus system.

For more information and guidance related to your subscription, you may bell us at Norton Support Number. Our team of expert professionals will guide you with suitable solutions immediately. As the antivirus software is of prominence in your device, we provide the fixes without any time-delays.

Steps For Running The Power Eraser To Remove Unwanted Directs:

  • The first steps are to download the Eraser application from the official website
  • Next, click on the SAVE option
  • Further, in the location specifications, select the desktop screen
  • Now, to run the downloaded file, you must double click on the NPE.exe
  • Go through the agreement document and click on the ACCEPT tab
  • In the main window, click on the section for UNWANTED APPLICATION SCAN
  • The process of scanning will start
  • Once it is one, you will be taken through a couple of on-screen instructions, follow them
  • Finally, restart the device once the uninstallation is done

We hope that by the means of the above-mentioned steps you could remove the problem causing file from your system. If you are facing any other glitches, you may simply contact us at the Norton Customer Care Australia. We will ensure that any problem causing bugs are fixed as quickly as possible.