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Want To Remove The Threats During Norton Scan? Follow These Quick Steps

With the Norton software scanning your files, the identified threats or viruses are automatically removed unless the process requires your inputs on how to settle the identified threat. Now, if there is any such problem that needs you to provide inputs, you are displayed with a message on your screen as a security or risk alert. It is your choice as to how you want to respond to it. In this blog we guide you through the simple mechanism by which you can fix the risks which are detected during a scanning session.

Also, if you are facing any other issues or want to seek support for any problems with the working of the software, you can reach out to us at the online Norton Support Helpdesk Number. Here our team will ensure the quickest resolving of all the bugs.

Steps For Fixing The Unresolved Threats:

  • The first step is to go to the main window by opening the application
  • Further, under the device security section, you must click on the option that says open
  • Now, double click on the security tab and next, you are required to click on the History option
  • Next, you will be directed to the History security window
  • Here, click on the show tab and in the drop-down list, you must select the option that says unresolved security risks
  • Now, select the desired threat that you want to settle
  • Finally, follow the recommended actions by the software which are displayed in the details pane

We hope that by following the above steps you were easily able to overcome the problems that were hindering your working, however, for other queries and support services, you can reach out to us at Norton Helpline Number. Our skilled professionals will put in the best efforts to remove all the glitches and make your operations highly hassle-free.