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Easy Method For Editing Or Deleting The Custom Scan Of Your Norton Application

The feature to create your own scanning schedule is one of the most useful and efficient features that your antivirus software application provides you with. However, at times you might need to change or delete that particular customized scanning schedule. In this blog we guide you through the simple steps by which you can edit or delete any of your custom created scan rules within no time.

Also, if you are facing any glitches regarding the working of your software application, you just have to contact us at Norton Helpline Number and our technicians here will ensure that they resolve your issues within no time. Hence, causing you the least of inconveniences.

Steps For Adding Or Deleting A Custom Scan

  • The first step involves you to go to your handle and under the DEVICE SECURITY section, click on the OPEN tab
  • Now, here, you will have to navigate to the Security tab, double click on it and then select the SCANS option
  • You will here be directed to the SCANS window where you need to select the tasks tab and click on the CUSTOM SCAN option
  • Next click on the GO tab
  • Now, in the window you are so directed to, click on the EDIT option and either edit icon or trash icon
  • Edit icon will enable you to change the scanning schedule and particulars
  • The trash icon on the other hand will delete the schedule and require you to confirm the option
  • After having made the desired changes, click on the SAVE option

We hope that by following the above steps you were able to resolve the stated issue. However, in case you are coming across any difficulties while working with the application, you just have to reach out to the customer support team at Norton Helpdesk and we will ensure that all the issues get settled in no time.