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Easy Guide To Scan Your Wi-Fi With Norton In S Mode (WINDOWS 10)

The Norton device security software application scans your network connection for any potential threats and tells you about the state of your connection, thus protecting your system from any attack vectors or man-in-the-middle threats. The users can run a manual scan to confirm whether their Wireless network is secure to use or not. If these reports eventually appear red or orange, the users need to enable the Secure VPN, so that the application creates a private and encrypted data tunnel and prevents any kind of cyber attackers from getting access to your data. In the following sections of this blog, we tell you about the method for the same.

In case you want to enquire about any other subscription related information, you may simply dial us up at the Norton Support Number. Our technicians here will guide you with the best solution answers to ensure maximum safety for your data and system.

Steps For Scanning Your Wireless Network In S Mode

  • The first step if to go to the antivirus application in your device
  • Here, in the account window, you are required to go to the Device security section
  • In this section, click on the SCAN tab
  • Your device will get scanned for potential risks and threats
  • Now, if the results after scanning appear in either of the colors: red or orange, then you are required to toggle on the USE SECURE VPN option
  • In the window you are next directed to, you will be displayed with the particulars and details of the protection status of your network connection, system and data

After following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to scan the connection threats in your system. If you are facing any other glitches while operating with the software, you just have to get the problem registered at Norton Support Number Australia. Our team will respond back with the most effective fixes in no time.